Wine bar

a person devoted to sensual enjoyment, especially that derived from fine food and drink”.

Welcome at Cachet de Cire where we strive to find the best ingredients for a tasty meal. As we also want to offer the best quality in drinks, we are pleased to be cooperating with Duvel-Moortgat. Furthermore, Chef Greet has been an ambassador for Graham’s port wines since 2017.

On top of all this we have chosen for a corkage of 15 euro so great wines can be served at a decent price. Not only with regard to our prices but also in our choice of wines we are opinionated. 80% of the wines on our wine list are produced by female wine-growers. After all, it is a widely known fact: women have a far better sense of taste!


Experience, expertise and tasty ingredients: that’s is what it’s all about at Duvel-Moortgat (established 1871). At Cachet de Cire we offer our guests an extensive assortment of Duvel-Moorgat’s artisanal beers such as Vedett, Liefmans and La Chouffe, but also Tank 7 by the Boulevard Brewery. Naturally we also serve the flagship product of the Duvel brewery. Hush… we drink Duvel here!


For 5 generations, since 1881, the Symingtons have been producing port wines. Nowadays they manage not less than 1024 hectares in the Douro. At Cachet de Cire we offer you both ruby port and 20 year old tawny port. For special occasions we store vintage port in our wine cellar. Vintage port is equally exquisite to vintage champagne ‘millésimé’: port made of exceptionally good grapes from the same harvest year. Salud! À sua saúde!